Book Fair(y) from December 4 – 14

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Book Fair(y) in Istria

This year’s 20th Book Fair(y) in Istria will be held from December 4 – 14. During the eleven days of the Fair(y) there will be as many as 117 programs and events: book promotions and author presentations, roundtables, panel discussions, symposiums, exhibitions, performances, films, concerts… bringing together 350  Croatian and foreign authors, with eminent representatives from the Central-European cultural scene, contemporary writers, historians, intellectuals, culturologists,  artists… The Book Fair(y) will present over 15,000 titles exhibited by 250 Croatian and foreign publishers, with a 10-70% discount on books.

On December 4, exactly at noon, Oksana Zabužko, the Ukrainian writer will proclaim this special 20th Book Fair(y) open at the House of Croatian Defenders. The central theme of this year’s Book Fair(y) is the year 1914, whereas it focuses on comics.